Integrated, fast and friendly POS

EthosMiracle comes with an many inbuilt devices that works equally well for different F&B operations such as fine dining restaurants, take away, quick-service, bars, clubs, lounges, coffee shops and discos. It is preferred by leading brands in F&B and accredited by successful owners and managers of profitable restaurants and bars. Serve customers faster with the Online invoicing and billing by multiple KOT/BOT print functionality. EthosMiracle helps you to easily manage the weekend rush using the powerful table reservation system. Improve on guest satisfaction by taking care of their special requests, such as “Less Spicy”, “No Onion” and “Make it 1 by 2”. You can repeat orders with a click of a button. It also comes with a print-manager that responds by redirecting printing from a malfunctioning printer to a nearby working printer. For info visit our site

Avoid Duplicate Work

EthosMiracle’s is fully equipped POS software that supports billing process of restaurant, spa, clubs, salon, disco, lounge, coffee shop, gift shop, banquet, etc. It comes with a touch interface that is easy to use and requires minimal training to get it up and running. The fully configurable interface helps to streamline different processes. It supports all the leading billing printers and other POS hardware.

Simplified Menu Management

EthosMiracle Minutes to prepare your menu and modifier With EthosMiracle, getting started with the menu is as easy as importing items from Excel. It automatically displays the items with photographs on a graphical interface. You can even define different colors and positions for each item. It supports changing the rates of multiple items in one step. It also supports creating a future menu by copying from an existing one. The future menu gets activated on a planned date automatically so that you do not have to remember.

Real-time Table Status

EthosMiracle’s simplifies the creation and management of multiple layouts of various sections of the restaurant as per the floor plans. It helps you to get the real-time picture of the occupancy status of the restaurant in one single screen with different legends. The software eases handling and managing guest requests for seating during the rush hours to provide ultimate guest satisfaction. Auto status and color segmentation update helps to reserve the table for a future date and time for your esteemed guests.